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Paddy Devlin, Division 1 Football
I started at F.A.S.T. in the spring when I was in 7th grade. I liked working out at Flahive's because of the people. I learned a lot when I was young, and I always had fun going.
Jake Barzowski, All-American Division II Wrestling
I loved training at Flahive’s because you weren’t just another face in the crowd. They knew who you were and they knew your goals. They were going to do everything in their power to help you achieve your goals.
Hana Asghari
The coaches make you feel welcomed and push you to do your best every time you come in. I have become a lot faster since starting at Flahive's.
Ty Gavin, Division II, Football
I love training at F.A.S.T. because of the staff that works there. They are always full of energy and will do anything you need to get you where you want to go.
Nathan Urquhart
Once I step foot in the gym I am greeted by amazing coaches that continuously push me to get better. Even when I am lacking motivation the coaches and other athletes create a competitive environment that keeps me coming back
Tommy Shea
I like coming to Flahive's because of the atmosphere and community. The workouts are always unique and effective. My vertical and multiple strength personal records have increased.
Molly Newell
It's a lot of fun and I fell like it has helped me a lot and made such a difference. I feel stronger and faster. I also like working out a lot more!
Taylor Barzowski, Division II Soccer
" What made me love Flahive’s was the family feel environment that you can’t get at a traditional gym.
Mia Gurdak
I love coming to Flahive's to train because of how fun the coaches are and how effective the out come is. I have gained a lot of speed which let's me run the court faster and longer.
Danielle Barzowski, Division 1 Soccer
"I love training at Flahive’s because of the individual attention I receive from the trainers for my needs in my sport.
Katie Haley, Division 1 Lacrosse
I started training at Flahive in 6th grade... Now I am a grad student playing my 5th year of division 1 lacrosse, and I owe much of my success to Flahive's.
Kevin Jarvis, NFL
What made me love training at Flahive’s was the care and detail used to organize workouts and individual training programs over several years. Coming to Flahive’s early on in high school without a doubt helped me become a better athlete and got me ready for college & the NFL.
Pete Skoronski, NFL (1st Round Draft Pick)
There are so many aspects about Flahive that made me love training there. The excellent training staff and competitive environment are awesome aspects of Flahive’s.
Joe Zanca, France Professional Football (League MVP)
What made me love training at Flahives was the intensity and work ethic instilled by the trainers. The staff is committed to your success, and push you to achieve your goals.
Danielle Devlin, Division 1 Softball
FAST was a game-changer for me. To this day, I recommend Connor and his team to the players I coach and still work out at FLEXX!
Jay Renteria, Division 1 Wrestling
I started going to Flahives my freshman year of high school. They helped me so much on the mat, I can’t even put it into words. I was so much stronger, faster, and in better shape than all of the guys I wrestled.
Jocelyn Park
I love the environment and the energy of the coaching is unmatched. Coming to Flahive's has for sure improved my game and my athleticism.
Christoph Chidichimo
I like coming to Flahive's because of the coaches. Since coming here I feel like my endurance has improved a lot.
Isaac Hendricks
Coming to Flahive's is a great and fun way to workout and get better. I have gotten so much faster on the court.
Sean McKendrick
I like the motivation from the trainers and I have gotten so much faster and better in my sport.
George Geroulis
I meet a lot of new friends and really like the lifting & sprinting program. I have noticed I've hit the ball a lot harder and I'm faster around the bases.
Colleen Boggins
Everyone is so friendly and supportive. My hand eye cooridnation has gotten better and I feel like I've gotten faster!
Morgan Bruno
The trainers always push me to get stronger and faster while being able to adjust my workout to my specific needs. They have helped me become stronger and more solid on the court.
Eloise Gnant
Flahive's is a good place to go if you want to get pushed to work hard. I love the people, they are so nice and make the workout fun! I went from being out of breath to becoming a power house from training here.
Joey Devinney
When I come to Flahive's I always like seeing the people there and I can tellI've gotten so much faster.
Meegan Fahy
Its a blast training at Flahive's. They time your sprints, meaure your vertical and keep track of your lifting so you can compete with yourself every rep. I've gotten way stronger since I started, which has helped me become more solid on the basketball court. I also have met so many new friends because it's so welcoming!

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Emily Meyers
Emily Meyers
I am so glad I joined Flahive's! It is a friendly, motivating and fun environment with a new and challenging workout every time I go. The trainers are all knowledgeable and able to make individual adjustments as needed. And the best part is I've never felt stronger!
Catherine Otis
Catherine Otis
Flahives is an awesome fitness community that I joined back in January of 2023. This gym creates a welcoming atmosphere for individuals that have varying fitness levels. Their trainers and staff empower you and push you to be the best version of yourself during each session in an inspiring, non-intimidating way. Shoutout to Maddie the membership services manager. She is understanding if you have to miss a few classes due to busy schedules and is always excited to see you when you get back to the gym. Dylan is one of my favorite trainers. He comes to the gym every few weeks with new and exciting class routines. He is always pushing us to the next level and reminding us how capable we truly are if we just believe in ourselves. Thanks Flahive’s Fam!
Elizabeth Mcguire
Elizabeth Mcguire
Flahive’s is a welcoming gym. The personal trainers are incredibly knowledgeable and dedicated to each person in the class no matter your level of fitness. The focus is on getting stronger and fitter. The workouts are tailored and modified for your level of fitness. I enjoy the small group sessions and would recommend them to anyone looking to improve their health and fitness level.
Maria Isabelle Nieves
Maria Isabelle Nieves
Since joining Flahive, I’ve noticed a difference in my overall appearance. I have more energy, feel stronger and my endurance level is at higher. The trainers are an amazing group of individuals who are experienced and care about one’s well-being. Everyone is like a family at Flahive. They make me feel welcome every time I go to workout. Thank you everyone for being so great!
Nicole Giese
Nicole Giese
Love the large group classes which have been game changing for me! This gym has a wonderful energy with some of the most encouraging and motivating instructors. Highly recommend!!
Kat Cline
Kat Cline
I truly love the Flahive’s community! The small group personal training has helped to keep me accountable and motivated. Incredibly personable and caring trainers. Highly recommend to anyone looking to make a positive lifestyle change. :)
Isabella Lopez
Isabella Lopez
Great coaches. Great workout! It’s a community of amazing people which makes this gym my all time favorite!
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